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About Us






'POPLE' is an abbreviation
of 'promise for our planet'
and aims to restore it
through Net-Zero

POPLE TOUR, as part of Eco-Tourism,
utilizes VERYWORDS's e-mobility to provide sustainable travel.
By improving the awareness and use of e-vehicles,
travelers can practice a zero-carbon life in their daily life
even after travelling.

“Enjoy a new travel style
that protects the planet with POPLE TOUR!”

POPLE TOUR with learning

Before traveling, you can learn about environment
and climate change related to eco-tourism.
You can also get guidance and historic tales
on the travel spot from a professional tour guide.
We provide visitors the chance to learn K-culture.

Tour with e-mobility & POPLE TOUR APP

Enjoy eco-friendly and fun travel with e-mobility.
A local guide will recommend a tour course
that is right for you.
During your trip, you can check the itinerary
and the location of each spot and charging station through the POPLE TOUR app.


POPLE Rest Area

For a pleasant trip, there is a space where you can take a break and enjoy simple food and drinks. Greenhouse gases reduced by using e-mobility will be converted into points.

*poincan be used freely at POPLE STATION & CAFE.

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