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팝플의 바이크를 렌탈하여
​친환경적인 여행을 즐겨보세요!

팝플이 추천하는 투어 스팟

Lum Orng Restaurant(LUM ORNG 레스토랑)
Surasang Korea Restaurant(수라상)
Bamboo Restaurant&spa(밤부 식당 앤 스파)
Bakong My Village(바콩 마이 빌리지)

Create Net-Zero Culture

우리는 지속가능한 지구를 위해 새로운 탄소중립 문화를 만들어가고 있습니다.

  • Where can I check my account information?
    Account information can be checked through the 'My Info' page. Click the profile image at the top to go to that page. *Profile > My Info
  • I want to withdrawals my account.
    There is currently no self-withdrawals function. If you wish to withdrawals, please contact us.
  • I forgot my account (or password).
    You can reset your password by clicking the Reset Password link at the bottom of the login page. If you want to find your account, or if you cannot reset your password using the above methods, please contact us. *Log In > Reset Password
  • What is POPLE TOUR?
    POPLE Tour provides an eco-friendly tour using VERYWORDS e-mobility. Tourists can enjoy tourism while protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. You can recharge your e-mobility at the POPLE STATION and take a break with simple food and beverages. In addition, the amount of carbon reduction generated by using e-mobility during the trip will be converted into points. These points can be redeemed at POPLE STATION. Experience a new way of traveling through POPLE Tour, and further raise awareness of carbon neutrality.
  • How can I use the POPLE Tour?
    Please make a rental reservation on the website. After that, on the day of your reservation, visit the POPLE STATION and show the staff your reservation details. You can start the tour right away after receiving simple instructions from the staff on how to use the mobility device. *Before arriving at the station, you can make your trip more exciting by searching for the desired tour course on the website.
  • What is the amount of carbon reduction from POPLE Tour and where can I check it?
    VERYWORDS, the owner and operator of POPLE Tour, will register the reduced carbon amount in the POPLE Registry and own it. Information on carbon reduction caused by using the POPLE Tour can be found on a platform called POPLE World.
  • Where can I check my rental history?
    You can check the rental details by clicking the profile at the top of the platform and clicking Rental History in the Profile menu *Profile > Rental History
  • I want to change rental information.
    Rental information can only be changed by schedule. If you wish to make changes, please proceed from the Rental History. * Profile > Rental History > Schedule Change
  • What should I do if my scooter is broken?
    In the event of a product failure, please stop operating immediately for your safety. After that, please call the POPLE Tour customer center and consult with the staff. * POPLE Tour Customer Center: +855 10 709 111 / +855 17 296 346
  • I want to cancel the rental.
    You can cancel a rental reservation from the Reservation History *Profile> Rental History > Reservation Cancellation
  • How much is the rental cost?
    Please check the Rental page
  • How are penalties (Mobility damage, late return, etc..) applied?
    We'll let you know after checking the policy. Thank you for your patience.
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